There are a number of religions and faiths in Eberron, most listed here.

The Silver Flame; the dominant religion of Thrane, dedicated to cleansing Eberron of all evil.

The Sovereign Host; a pantheon of deities worshiped across Khorvaire by various churches.

The Dark Six; a pantheon of six destructive, perhaps evil deities banished from the Host.

The Blood of Vol; a predominantly human religion that believes divinity lies within.

Cults of the Dragon Below; various cults dedicated to the worship of Khyber.

The Undying Court; undying elves of Aerenal sustained by the devotion of their people.

The Lord of Blades; worship a of the eponymous warforged, typically by other warforged.

The Becoming God; a religion started by warforged who wish to build their own god.

Druidic Sects; various sects and branches of Druidism worshiped throughout Khorvaire.


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