The Church of the Silver Flame


The Silver Flame has always existed, since before the dawn of time. When ancient Eberron was overrun by darkness and the demon spawn of Khyber, the Flame rose to bring light to the world and bind the fiends in the depths of the Dragon Below. Despite this, the Flame was too pure for humanity, flawed as it was in such dark times, and the people of Khorvaire could not heed its call.

It was only when Tira Miron, a warrior who had devoted her life to the cause of honor and sacrifice, set upon her righteous path and was deemed a worthy vessel of the Flame. She was guided by a resplendent feather serpent, Tira gave her life to end the reign of an escaped demon lord. Though she fell in battle, her soul merged with that of the flame, becoming a conduit so that humanity could hear the voice of the Flame.

The Church of the Silver Flame does what must be done for the good of Eberron, even if the acts themselves seem shocking or excessive to outsiders. Some followers of the Flame are willing to resort to evil deeds if it brings Eberron one step closer to purity. In one such case, inquisitors of the Silver Flame pushed the lycanthrope race to the brink of extinction.

Followers of the Flame are expected to trust the wisdom of those who stand above them, as those higher in the hierarchy stand closer to the Flame. As such, most act without questioning their orders; if a cardinal commands such, it must be for the good of the world.

The Church of the Silver Flame

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